Calif. ups the anti-smoking ante, unveils 11 spots.



Asher & Partners Tabs Palomar To Produce Spots; One Ad Links Smoking With Impotence.

By Millie Takaki

June 12, 1998

LOS ANGELES - The California Department of Health Services - a government agency criticized by some for not generating enough anti-smoking ads despite ample funding from a state tobacco tax - has unveiled a campaign out of Los Angeles agency Asher & Partners that includes a TV spot offering a new reason to quit, or better yet, not start smoking.


In "50 Ways," each :10 focuses on lies the tobacco industry has actively promoted. Each lie appears in teletype fashion across a burning cigarette as it's also being read by a narrator. For example, lie number 43: "They secretly doubled the amount of nicotine in cigarettes." Or number 9: "Tobacco marketing research on 5-year-olds." The spot - produced by Palomar in conjunction with Los Angeles visual effects house Vision Crew - concludes with the supered tagline: "The Tobacco Industry. They have 50 ways to kill your loved ones."

Asher & Partners' John Krueger wrote and Darren Johnson art directed the series of "50 Ways" ads. Vision Crew's Evan Jacobs served as director/visual effects supervisor.

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